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Point A Hotels

The Brief

As the Point A branding was given a refresh, the hotels themselves were too. Inspired by the popular Hygge trend, the interiors were redesigned to focus primarily on comfort with a ‘home away from home’ environment. As this developed, Point A approached Ketchup Digital to create an engaging website and booking system to support their refreshed brand. 

The Solution

A complete redesign of the existing site took the updated brand elements and integrated them into an engaging interface throughout.
A customised booking engine was carefully designed and developed with the user’s journey as the main focus. The allure of enabling the user to feel as though they are fully customising a hotel room to suit their needs is what makes the Point A website stand out as an innovative solution amongst a competitive market.

Other deliverables within the site included:

• A unique ‘Things to do’ section within each hotel, detailing nearby attractions on an intergrated map with full directions.
• Integrated blog
• Testimonial section

Site visits increased dramatically within the first week and have steadily maintained the increase in site bookings. With a clean interface and innovative booking system, Point A hotels have cornered a niche service in an extremely broad market.


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