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Website & Booking Engine

Once known as Shoreditch’s quirky ‘anti-hotel’, The Hoxton is now regarded as a no-nonsense, ‘no rip-off’ hotel, with sites in Shoreditch and Holborn and plans for many more.

The Brief

To meet their expansion plans, The Hoxton needed a full re-brand across all their hotels and media. From décor to signage, from online to off, The Hoxton required a funky, professional and consistent brand to wow existing customers and woo new ones.

Critical to the hotel’s re-brand was a cutting-edge but intuitive website that would meet the functional needs of both hotels and guests, while upholding the new brand.

What’s more, everything had to be delivered in time for the launch of The Hoxton’s new Holborn hotel in September last year.

The Solution

The Hoxton knew that to get the job done, they would need a highly skilled web agency that could work their ambitious web design into a robust new website.

The Hoxton chose Ketchup Digital to deliver the project, due to their unparalleled reputation for technical excellence and their easy-going, collaborative approach.

As promised, Ketchup delivered a website that not only meets the Hoxton’s design needs, but also ensures a smoother user experience for their customers. The website includes:

  • A fast but powerful booking engine which feeds directly into a back-end system for quick and easy access by staff
  • A responsive design that allows customers to access the website on devices ranging from mobile phones to desktops and tablets. Text and images automatically adapt to the screen size, so that users can see everything they need
  • A ‘parallax’ design that allows images to scroll smoothly up and down the website

The website went live in August 2014, both on time for the Holborn hotel launch and well within budget.

The site was also integral to the launch of The Hoxton’s Amsterdam hotel, which opened in May 2015.

Site visitors have increased dramatically since the launch of the new website and are now 50% higher than in the months prior to the launch. And the website’s simple interface ensures that more visitors convert to bookings than ever before.

Website Designs

01.Hoxton Homepage

Hoxton Homepage

02.Homepage, Hoxton Shoreditch

Homepage, Hoxton Shoreditch

03.Hoxton Grill

Hoxton Grill

04.Hoxton Meeting Rooms

Hoxton Meeting Rooms

05.Events at Hoxton

Events at Hoxton

06.Hoxton Holidays

Hoxton Holidays

07.Select Rooms at Hoxton

Select Rooms at Hoxton

08.Enter your details

Enter your details

Responsive Designs

09.Responsive Designs