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Talking Medicines Medsmart App

Medsmart wanted to create an app to help people manage their medicine schedule. We were selected to ensure the app was as user friendly and intuitive as possible.

The Brief

Talking Medicines were aware that improper use of medicine is wasteful and can be unsafe, so they decided to create an app to help people manage their medicines responsibly.

The aim was to create an app that would allows users to specify which medicines they have been advised to take, get more information about these medicines and schedule reminders for when the medicines should be taken and in what doses.

Due to the target demographics, Talking Medicines required that the app would be available on multiple-platforms, and as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible.

The Solution

We used Xamarin to develop an app targeted at both iOS and Android devices, and also built a bespoke content management system which allowed Talking Medicines to manage app users and the medicine inventory via a simple and intuitive interface.

The app was designed to be clear, simple and usable by a broad range of users. By keeping things simple and informative, there is little to distract from the primary objectives of adding and managing medicines.

App Designs

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